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Contemplating Housing Options

Hey Folks,

August and I might (might) be looking for a new roommate come this June. Our current roommate, Metz, will be graduating and moving on - and while we're still not sure whether we're going to stay in this apartment - if we do, we'll need someone to take his place.

We live in a ground floor apartment at the corner of North Boulder Park, three blocks from Broadway (SKIP route) and about a five minute walk from Pearl St. Rent would probably be around $350/mo plus utilities (which includes broadband internet and usually totals to about $35/person). The apartment comes with plenty of parking, two bathrooms, a dishwasher and a dryer, and there's a washing machine in the building. (There's also a washing machine in the apartment, but right now it doesn't work. :P) It's a pretty good deal. We're still trying to work out what the catch is - but we've been here almost a year and so far nothing seems to have gone wrong. (Besides that thing with the washing machine not working.)

Right now we're just trying to work out our housing options for the next year, so I'm looking for ideas of anyone who might be interested. Let me know if that description applies to you or someone you know. Thanks. :)
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