Bella (birthdaysex) wrote in boulderdennys,

Somebody better respond.

I used to live in Boulder for about 8 years... that was 3 years ago.
Now I'm moving back, from Seattle with no intention of returning to my old friends or even bothering to pussy-foot around them and patronize them with niceties so I guess I'm saying you should add me, or talk to me, or comment or something.

I'm Bella... I'm almost sixteen, and I'm gonna be graduating high school in about six weeks. I'm not one of those I'm-so-alternative-I-can't-even-stand-myself kinda people but I've got 9 piercings, 1 tattoo, and I work in a coffee shop here.

If you want you can talk to me on AIM... my screen name is tres beau monde.
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y helo thar!

Okay, all glib stupidity aside, I've become an MSN slave so I'll just comment here. At the moment...that's all I got, since a comment is a stupid, stupid place to do a mini biography and anyway that kind of thing is narcississtic. Feel free to add me, comment, disregard, whatever.
I guess I am a bit narcissistic cause I noticed it was more of a community than a profile kind of thing but I sort of failed to care.

What's your msn name, I think I can dig up an old MSN name my sister made for me when I was like 12 or something and when I do it... you're gonna talk to me.

And if you don't, I'll be mad.
MSN is

And I take freakin' ages to respond to LJ comments, cheers.
umm hey there the names sam, my AIM is quasarsam and good luck with high school.
Thanks. You should uhh.. IM me or something. Apparently talking is the first part to the whole seductio--JUST KIDDING OH GOD I'M 15 I'M DONE TALKING NOW
shit done with high school at 15, go you
Thanks, hah. I might be 16 depending on how soon I move there, the move seems a bit more delayed each time I ask my parents. But thank you. :)
You love me.
i once fell in love with a girl named bella
in the dark of a smokey night club that was formerly a church
on goth night
she barely remembered me from the previous week but she stopped me at the bathroom and commented,
hey, i know you
didn't we make out last week

unfortunately i hadn't made out with bella
but i think she wanted to
i just stood there
in shock
with some insustrial band pounding in the background

ah, bella! *sigh*
i guess little if you are cool
beware racist punks on the mall.

too aggro to stay high with. the passion fades.

bestbet is camping in mountains, dennys, library, starbucks is go

Huh? Seattle is excellent.

I already used to live there for like 8 years, heh. And I lived in the mountains.

And I'm not moving there anymore anyways.