Bella (birthdaysex) wrote in boulderdennys,

Somebody better respond.

I used to live in Boulder for about 8 years... that was 3 years ago.
Now I'm moving back, from Seattle with no intention of returning to my old friends or even bothering to pussy-foot around them and patronize them with niceties so I guess I'm saying you should add me, or talk to me, or comment or something.

I'm Bella... I'm almost sixteen, and I'm gonna be graduating high school in about six weeks. I'm not one of those I'm-so-alternative-I-can't-even-stand-myself kinda people but I've got 9 piercings, 1 tattoo, and I work in a coffee shop here.

If you want you can talk to me on AIM... my screen name is tres beau monde.
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