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Welcome to Denny's

Where do you know that kid from?

Did he go to school with your brother?

How the hell does Nate Tarrant know Ted Metzroth?

What was the name of that cute girl you met at Ashvin's last party?

Wait, she's whose little sister?

Didn't you and I have a Biology class together once?

What did he say his LiveJournal was?

Is there anything to do in Boulder on a Friday night??

Now you can find out! Boulder is a incestuous clusterfuck small world. LiveJournal makes it even smaller. We all know it's true, so why fight it?

Here's a place to get to know all the cool kids you've met, even if you don't have time to keep track of three-dozen Boulderite journals. Chat with your friends' friends. Track down LJ names you've forgotten. Pass the word about movie nights, concerts, parties and events. Post pictures, announcements and news. Rehash last night's awesome gathering and how you were "SOOO DRUNK!" all in one place. You can also check out the Boulder Denny's Members Page to see what everyone is up to.

It's kind of like Friendster, only not as completely silly!

And hey, it'll give you one more incredibly nerdy thing to talk about at parties...


- Please don't join the community unless you know some of the members in real life. This isn't a hard and fast law exactly, but there are already several more general Boulder-related communities, and this one is geared towards a specific (albeit vast and exponentially expanding) subset of Bouder-area kids.

- Give us an Intro post when you join. Let us know who you are, who you found the community through, where/when you went (or go) to high school, who you live with, where you work, or wherever else people might know you from. (Martial arts? YAAB? You're that guy with the shark hat?) That sort of thing. And any other fun and entertaining info you feel like sharing.

- Please, for the love of god, don't post quizzes.